At Harlot, we are always looking for enthusiastic people to join our team. A diverse team leads to diverse ideas, and we want to make sure everyone who visits our website finds relatable content.

So, are you someone who is excited about sexual health, reproductive health, LGBTQ health, reproductive politics, or any other related topic? Can you remove yourself from your "adult" mind and speak to young people in an authentic way? Do you have writing skills that make people stop and take notice? Do you have the experience and know-how to research and support your work? 

Do you want to join a growing team of passionate health educators who are dedicated to guiding young people through their messy teen years? If so, send us a pitch. Fill out the form below and introduce yourself to us. What are your passions? What is you expertise? Why do you want to write for Harlot? What do you want to write about? Why should we hire you? Use this as an opportunity to show us who you are. Make sure to let us know where we can find your work. Whether you've written for the school newspaper, on your personal blog, or a plethora of media outlets, all submissions are welcome.

If you want to contribute to Harlot as a guest writer, find out how to submit content here

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