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Kora Schultz - Writer & Educator

Kora Schultz (they/them) is a loud, genderqueer, incredibly anxious sex education nerd from the swingin' Midwest. They are passionate about LGBTQIA+ inclusive sex ed, youth outreach, women's empowerment, and sex worker advocacy. Most of their free time is spent ranting (and writing) about these topics. 

Kora holds a certification in Gender and Women's Studies, an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts with a sociological focus, and is finishing up double Bachelors Degrees in Human Services and Public Health. They are active with their local Planned Parenthood, and often can be found providing contraceptives and STI testing resources to the community.

In fact, many people have referred to Kora as "the condom fairy".  That's a compliment if we've ever heard one! 

If you would like to connect with Kora, you can reach them on their Instagram.

Written by Kora