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amy sutherland - founder, Writer & educator

Hey all! My name is Amy Sutherland (she/her), and I have been passionate about sexual health since before I hit puberty. I've spent most of my adult life working as a writer focusing on health and wellness. More particularly, women’s reproductive health. But, as with most issues, these are not one-dimensional topics, so, I often find myself writing about lifestyle, culture, and politics as well. 

I hold a Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota where I studied women’s sexual and reproductive health. My thesis explores how credible and relatable menstrual health websites are to the needs of pre- and newly post-menarcheal girls. During my research, I discovered that 52% of teens aged 13-17 go online to find sexual and reproductive health-related information, with internet usage among teen girls growing five times faster than any other demographic. It was at that moment the idea for Harlot was born.

I designed Harlot to fill the ever-growing knowledge gap as sexual health classes continue to be cut from school curricula in the United States. Harlot’s mission is to be a trusted source for teens to explore sexual health outside of religious, political, mass-marketing, or commercial influence. 

Offline, my objective is to fill my home with books, warm conversations, and strong coffee. I live in St Paul with my partner, Travis, and two mischievous cats. You can follow me on my blog, find me on Instagram and sometimes catch me tweeting

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