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Why a Sex Strike is Problematic

Alyssa Milano is the epitome of white feminism, and from her highly privileged platform as a celebrity and as the ACLU’s reproductive justice advocate (omg, why) she decided to respond to Georgia’s draconian abortion ban by purposing a sex strike.

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Getting Around the Impending Abortion Bans: An Open Letter to Readers

Let me start this letter with this: I am so, so sorry to those affected by the abortion bans that have been written into law. As a Canadian, I have the privilege to access an abortion, which I have…twice.

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My Boyfriend Isn't Treating me Very Well

My boyfriend isn't treating me very well. He is usually very sweet, but lately, he seems to be getting more and more controlling. He hates when I hang out with my friends and wants to know where I am every second. I really love him but I hate how he's acting.  What should I do?

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