Q&A: Should I Groom my Hair Down There?

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So, a lot of my friend say they shave their pubic hair...I don't really know why. Should I shave mine? What is the point? Do guys prefer a girl who shaves? I don't know what to do. 


To Groom or not to Groom?



Dear To Groom or not to Groom?

The answer you seek is simple and timeless, my friend: you do you. 

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

Not enough? Okay. Let’s unpack your query; your friend shaves their pubic hair; that’s legitimate. Although the fact they are shaving is a wee bit concerning – the potential for cuts and nicks is high and bacteria LOVE those people made openings. So, to your friend: wax or invest in an epilator (a device that rips hair out from the root). Now back to you. 

You are under no obligation to pluck, wax, shave or rip out your pubic hair. Pubic hair does have a protective function: it reduces the amount of friction the genitals experience from clothing and during sex. However, we are in the age where the beauty standards for women is to be hairless (a modern trend started by the porn industry). Whether you identify as a man or a woman or non-binary, you do not need to alter your body to be attractive! You have value and you are an amazing human being with a lot to offer the world with or without pubic hair. 

Also, if a boy/man whoever the fuck is telling you that he will only find you attractive if you’re hairless I want you to do the following:

Step 1: tell him where to shove his misogyny

Step 2: Walk away like the badass you are

Now that my little feminist moment is over and spoken; let me also bring up there is nothing wrong with experimenting. You remove the hair and you think it’s not for you? It’s okay, it’ll grow back! You don’t want to experiment or be hairless? That’s cool too! You do what makes YOU comfortable.




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