Q&A: How do I Know if I'm Ready for Sex?

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How do I know when I'm ready to have sex? I'm not planning to, or anything, I just want to know how I'll know. Is there any way to tell? Just thinking about it makes me nervous.


Am I Ready?



Dear Ready?

Short answer: you will know when you are ready!

I know, so unhelpful, and cryptic as Rafiki to Simba in the Lion King. So, lemme provide the long answer:

You are not ready. 

If you feel anxiety and nervousness just thinking about sex, you aren’t ready. Sex can be an extremely intimate and emotional act for people. There is no “perfect time” or some fucked up cliched high school moment you have to achieve by having sex. Life is not the High School Musical, when you are ready you won’t feel anxiety or any negative emotion towards sex, most likely you will feel desire, excitement, and positive happy feelings. So, relax and have your own incredible musical dance number to banish the anxiety away.




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Bethany Killen (she/her), whose time spent finding ways to navigate through her own personal struggles led her to pursue a career in social work.

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