Q&A: Not That Interested in Sex

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My friends like to brag about all the sexual stuff they do with their girlfriends, I'm not really that into it. I think my girlfriend is pretty and I really like her, but we don't really do that much sex stuff. The guys tease me about it. Is there something wrong with me?  


Not That Interested in Sex



Dear Not That Interested

Short answer: no, there isn’t anything “wrong” with you. The only thing wrong is your friends.

Long answer: your “guy friends” are making you feel insecure about something that, frankly, isn’t any of their business. There is nothing wrong with you, so what if you don’t want or have the desire to have grand sexual adventures with your girlfriend. That’s fine, legitimate and valid. What is more important is that your relationship is healthy. THAT is what matters. Tell your friends to mind their business and if they don’t stop – find yourself better friends, because you deserve that. 

One last tip – if they braggin’, they lyin’. Just a small head’s up from an adult who was once a teenager.




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