My Ex-Girlfriend Still has my Sexts, What Should I Do?

My Ex-Girlfriend Still has my Sexts, What Should I

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My girlfriend and I had been going out for over a year, we just broke up and she has some provocative pictures of me on her phone that I don't want others to see. What should I do? 


Newly Single



Dear Newly Single,

The answer is pretty straightforward: ask her to delete them. She no longer has your consent to look at them or hold on to the pictures. Tell her that. And I highly suggest doing so in writing (via email or text) in case the photos do get out there, you’ll have evidence you asked her to delete them.

Here is some education on the topic: take all the nudes or sexually explicit photos you like, but be smart about it. I personally never include my head or any obvious identifying marks or tattoos, etc in the photos. So that way if they do get out, then I can deny that the photos are me. Also, look into your state’s laws about sharing or distributing sexually explicit photos. It could be a part of the child pornography laws or a part of the sexual violence laws. Learn about them, educate yourself and be aware for next time. 



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