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Toxic Self-Care: 3 Myths On Taking Care of You

This Just In: Being A Person Is Hard!

As someone who works full-time, goes to university full-time, and volunteers every weekend, stress is a fact of life. This is true for high school students as well. In fact, half of the county’s high school students face a damaging level of stress on a daily basis.

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Substance Abuse and Teens: Five Myths About Addiction

Addiction is not something that only happens to adults. All over the country teens are lead into addiction because of peer pressure or trying to self-medicate to cope with difficulties in life. Falling into addiction can happen fast so it is important to understand how it takes root.

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A Blueprint When Feeling Blue: How A Mental Health Diagnosis Can Be Empowering

The first time you ever heard the term “mental illness,” what did you think of? I can tell you what I thought of…I was in the beginning of high school the first time I recall hearing this term…I thought of mental illness as something that was permanent, something that individuals “had” and couldn’t recover from. 

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Are Hormonal Imbalances Delaying your Period? Here are Five Natural Ways to Induce it

Sometimes I have long cycles. Like, really long. I’m talking the upwards of *75+ days long. They suck. The build-up of hormones leaves me in a perpetual state of waxing and waning PMS symptoms. It makes me feel helpless, especially when all I want to do is alleviate my discomfort.

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Fact or Fiction: Periods Attract Wild Animals

A few weeks ago, my partner and I were up in the north woods of Minnesota enjoying a long weekend away. We spent our days out in nature. Hiking the hillsides, swimming in the lagoons of waterfalls, and enjoy vast views of the coniferous forests that stretched high above our heads. I was also on my period. Why is this relevant?

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Five Ways to Have a More Empowered Pelvic Exam

Pelvic Exam. Possibly one of the most anxiety-riddled phrases known to the female-bodied population. It is a phrase that often evokes images of patients lying in a paper gown with their feet in stirrups while a doctor places a spotlight on their genitals and proceeds to poke around, for what seems like an eternity.

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